The Event 2019 – Raceism 5 – 7.07

The organizer has been working for years on making the event worth every one of thousands of kilometers that drivers drive to take part in it. Each of these kilometers is the best recommendation for those who have not been at the event yet. The consequence in action will be recognized by the best companies and brands in the automotive industry. The international nature of the idea and building the vibe by bringing the passion for motoring and “street culture” together. These elements differentiate this experience from other motoring events. Great atmosphere is also created by good music, dancers, DJs, and graffiti artists.

“The Event 2019” is the best automotive event in Poland. And what is more important, it is one of the best moto performances in Europe, which attracts thousands of motoring fans and 1,000 best-tuned cars from several continents to Wroclaw. We invite you to spend three days at the best automotive exhibition in this part of Europe. Join us on 5th July!

The number of tickets is limited.
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