Yogathon with FUN FIT II at Wroclaw Stadium 15.06










This involves the understanding of our own goals that are part of our life and consider it not a barrier for self-development but a piece of guidance.

Yoga is like a road. You should undertake certain actions and maintain discipline in order to achieve your goal. It is a daily practice that brings great and quick results. This method involves work with your body, mind, and soul. A consistent, systematic approach is the only way to strengthen the effect.


Yogathon with FUN FIT II at Wroclaw Stadium

Date: 15.06

Time: from 8 am to 7 pm

Classes: FREE, there is a possibility to support the Female Foundation

Place: Fun Fit II,  Wroclaw Stadium



9 am – Ashtanga Yoga for beginners

10 am – Power Yoga

11 am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga for beginners

12 pm – Vinyasa Flow Yoga for advanced

1 pm – Hatha Yoga for beginners

2 pm – Animal Flow

3 pm – Ashtanga for beginners

4 pm – Heart Yoga for beginners

5 pm – Hotha Yoga in English

6 pm – Yoga Nidra


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