580,000 guests of the Wrocław Stadium in 2019

580,000 visitors at the stadium in 2019 means that the facility was visited by 160,000 more people than last year. The most popular events of 2019 included the Automotive Exhibition The Event – Raceism and the Wrocław Good Beer Festival, which gathered 50,000 people each weekend and an exhibition of insectivorous plants, the finale of the Renewal festival, twice foodtruck rally and Children’s Day at the Wrocław Stadium – all from 20 to 30 thousands of visitors.

There were a total of 213 184 fans at football matches of Śląsk Wrocław – most at matches with Legia Warszawa and Pogoń Szczecin.

On 6 December, Knoppers Icerink Stadion Wrocław began its operation. It is an oval track with a length of nearly 150 meters built on the 2nd floor of a multi-storey car park. The slide, for the first time in the history of the stadium, is roofed and shielded from all sides, which ensures the possibility of comfortable use regardless of the weather conditions outside. The contract signed with the technology providing company Alles Cool assumes the functioning of the facility for the next 5 years. A total of 5,000 people benefited from this new stadium attraction during the holiday season.

In December, construction works were completed related to the launch of the kindergarten, which is expected to accommodate about 350 children per 2250 m2 in the southern part of the facility. At the same time, a playground was constructed in the green areas between the stadium and the Ślęza river.

This year, a dozen or so trade fair events were organized on the premises – including real estate, tourist, ecological, wedding and zoological fairs. Scientific conferences, business and local government meetings were also held. The Wrocław Stadium hosted, among others Congress of Regions, National Sociological Congress and Lower Silesian Local Government Congress. The Lower Silesian gala finals in the Miss Poland and Miss Polonia competitions were also held here. In October, Wroclaw Stadium was the arena of the national finals of the Runmageddon league – the most popular series of obstacles in Poland.

Importantly, the Stadium has opened wide for cooperation with local sports groups. Several rollerblading groups, a cycling academy run their classes, using the esplanade and space under the stands, and triathlon workshops were held at the Stadium and the nearby “Glinianki” swimming pool in the summer. On the designated cross-country trails around the arena, in cooperation with the Maślice Housing Estate Council, the 1st Maślicki Run was organized. Every day, the facility also has the largest indoor go-kart track in Poland, a gym, and the Arena Giants entertainment center.

Two colleges have been giving lectures here since October – College of Management and Coaching and the Central School of Management from Warsaw opened its branch in Wroclaw. For the first time, Wrocław Stadium also hosts classes at the Children’s University.

In total, in 2019 the Stadium hosted events of various scales for 241 days.

At the end of the year, it was also announced that after a year’s break the Polish football team would play again in Wrocław. On March 27, Poland will face Finland. On June 20, Dawid Podsiadło will play at the Wroclaw Stadium. Tickets for this event were distributed in several hours. Advanced talks are underway to organize at least one more concert in the summer of 2020. It is certain, however, that the Wroclaw facility will again host two foodtruck festivals, the The Event – Raceism automotive event, Runmageddon competition and at least 15 trade fair events.

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