Opening hours: 6-22

Entrance gates : B,C,D

Payment methods: payment card, cash(specie)

Ten manager installed parking metres where you’ll be able to pay for parkung with both card and cash. During the days of big events, matches, concert ect., you can use mobile cash registers similar to those from public transport.

You can enter  the car park 24hours a day using gate A next to al. Ślaska. Gates B, C and D will be open from 6:00am to 10;00pm.

If you already in the parking lot, clik buy a ticket online.

If you have questions or need more information, call the hotline +48 22 12 38 202

Vector Software manages part of the car park at Stadion Wrocław.

There are over 1,900 spaces on the side of Aleja Ślaska and in the multi-level car park. Thanks to this, the car park will be available 24 hours a day.

Parking during matches WKS ŚLĄSK WROCŁAW

– car park  with division into zones, available for fans

After parking, pleas pay at the parking meter , quoting the registration numer. You can also pay with the employee.

You can find the pricelist of fees and parking zones on the map below.


Ticket to the VIP zone or  grandstand A do not entitled yoy to free parking.


CAR PARK PRICELIST: paid, unguarded car park.

Fee in the parking meter

Payment on the day of the event

event broadcast Multi-level  
wks 30,00zł 20,00zł  
pzpn 50,00zł 40,00zł  
Koncerty/inne 40,00zł 30,00zł  
  Other days    
First hour 2,00zł Next hour 3,00zł Additional fee 95,00zł  



Stadium Wroclaw

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Fax +48 71 77 68 001

Conferences and events organisation

Tel. +48 71 77 68 044