A top place to land the helicopter in Wroclaw. Within 10 min. from the Wroclaw Stadium.  You can get to the center or at the airport. The landing is located directly at the Railway road of Wroclaw.

Our offer is addressed both to businessmen and entrepreneurs as well as supporters who can arrive by helicopter for the match or other event. The offer can be used 7 days a week. It is also possible to use the additional options such as the substitution of a limousine or a combination of the landing on a corporate event.

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Stadium Wroclaw

Al. Slaska 1
54-118 Wroclaw

Tel. +48 71 77 68 000
Tel. +48 71 77 68 011
Fax +48 71 77 68 001

Conferences and events organisation

Tel. +48 71 77 68 044