Unusual lessons at the stadium – Stadion Wrocław joins “School in the city”project

In the school year 2018/2019, Wrocław Stadium joins the educational project “School in the City”. The program, which was initiated in 2012 by Wrocław City Education Department, let to organize school classes in unusual places. As a project participant, we offer the opportunity to use Wrocław Stadium as an unusual scientific aid to conduct school activities.
We prepared a proposal for classes in two thematic blocks, each of them being submitted out for 3 possible lesson topics. Schools choose one or two subjects, implemented in 45 minutes each. You can also stay with us longer and complete all topics.

Mathematics at the Wrocław Stadium – during the classes an innovative and engaging approach to develope mathematical skills and gaining knowledge. Learning issues is done by combining the subject of football, stadium infrastructure and presenting mathematics in everyday’s venue functioning and sport. This allows you to learn accounting skills, read and interpret data and how to use mathematical concepts, as well as shaping the process of argumentation and logical reasoning. Classes are organized for primary school students of the second stage of education, classes IV-VI and VII-VIII.

Searching of geometry on the pitch;
Numbers in the stands;
Numeric match.

Natural sciences at the Wrocław Stadium – Wrocław Stadium, with natural grass area of ​​7,140 m2, is a venue where complex chemical reactions occur on a daily basis, both natural and also triggered and controlled by humans. The combination of didactic classes with chemical experiences and the presentation of the effects of these activities directly at the Wrocław Stadium, allows you to conduct classes in an innovative and interesting way, which didactic value is extremely high. Classes are organized for primary school students of the second stage of education, classes V-VI and VII-VIII.
The turf of the Wrocław Stadium;
Atom model on the example of balls and the Wrocław Stadium;
Modern materials used at Wrocław Stadium.
Classes are consistent with the core curriculum of the Ministry of Education.
All participants of the classes are also invited to visit the stadium at a promotional price.
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